KTS Hair & Nails

KTS Hair & Nails

With over 50% of todays users chosing to search the internet via mobile devices and tablets, you need to make sure your website looks its best across them all. That's where responsive design comes in.

All our websites are fully responsive adapting from the largests of PC screens to the smallest smartphones.

This doesn't just mean making images and text smaller. It means ajusting layouts and menus and removing sections if nesscecery to ensure it is user friendly and stramlined whatever the device.

Hair Rebellion UK

Ecommerce platforms

Your online shop needs to be easy to navigate with simple paths to products as research shows users rarly like to go past 3 levels of lists and catergories.

We feel we have found the perfect Content Management System (CMS) for this purpose in Bluepark. We can build your shop around this CMS so it is unique to you with a whole host of feature which can be included to make the shop easier for you and more appealing for your customers.


Minimalist design

No one likes a busy website, information overload means your potemtial customers navigate away.

You need straight forward eyecatching design and your site MUST answer these 3 questions within 5 seconds of being viewed:

  1. What is the site about?
  2. Does it capture my interest?
  3. What do I do next?

In todays world of social media another important question should be;

  • Do I want to share this?
G A Townroe & Son

Advertising & Brand specialist

Creating your brand and getting recognised is another important aspect of any succesful business.

With this in mind we can create a bespoke logo, business card, newspaper adverts even Facebook headers, ....The list goes on!

And it desent have to be for business, We can create stunning Invite, local interest group notices, even scrap book pages! The only limit is your imagination, but we can even help you with that!

And it's all personalised to you!

You know your business better then anyone, so your input is essential. You choose the layout, the colours, the overall feel you want from the site and we create the magic!

It is however your site so nothing gets signed off until you are 100% happy with it.